Wagyu cattle originated in Japan (Wagyu meaning Japanese cow). The meat from Wagyu cattle known to most as Kobe beef is highly marbled. It is the marbling that gives the meat its tender juicy flavor. Consuming Wagyu meat has been proven to be good for your health, having a high concentration of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Wagyu meat is lower in saturated fat (the bad fat) and higher in unsaturated fat (the good fat) than any other beef. To sum it all up, Wagyu meat has high marbling, softer fat, High omega-3 and 6, higher ratio of unsaturated fat and best of all flavor.

Wagyu carcasses have a high yield and grade above prime.

Wagyu will improve marbling and quality grade in crosses.

Wagyu are known for their ease of calving.

Wagyu are very fertile and at a young age.

Wagyu bulls will breed more cows than other breeds.

Wagyu respond well to quiet handling and are a very curious animal.

Wagyu adapt well to any environment.

Wagyu meat quality is so high that it can not be grade with the USDA grading scale.
The Japanese beef grading scale is from 1-12 (12 being highest).
    Wagyu beef will usually grade 10 with an occasional 11 or 12.

USDA Japanese Scale
Prime 5-6
Choice 2-4
Select 1-2
A high percentage (80% - 90%) of F1 cattle if fed right will grade 5,6,or7.
This is equal to prime and high prime.
Full blood Wagyu if fed right will grade 7-12.
This is completely off the USDA scale

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